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There are plenty of websites on the internet offering background checks, public records, reverse phone searches, government documents and criminal records. It can be very difficult to choose which one will meet your needs and provide you with the most information out there.

As a Private Investigator I use database and online searches every single day. I have signed up for almost all of them out there. Most of them have their strengths and weaknesses. Some of them are just downright horrible. The purpose of this blog is to provide you with the most honest and real reviews of some of the sites I have come across that are actually helpful. As I said, I have used all of these web sites so if you have any questions please ask me.

Side Bar* I set up this dinky little blog because I got really tired of the so called "experts" making their "reviews" on a lot of the investigation sites out there. Most of them can make fancy web sites with fake reviews without ever even seeing the members area of these sites let alone having used them. This is why I include the prices each site charges for a subscription. If you have read my articles you know I am the real deal just trying to help people get the information they are looking for.

As always, feel free to E mail me ( with any investigative questions or questions about finding information.

** All of the sites I recommend offer preliminary results and a money back guarantee.

Nationwide Criminal Records Search

Criminal records searches can be a little tough sometimes because you need to know where the records are located before searching for them. We love because they have made a very comprehensive nationwide database. It's very good at finding incidents that occurred away from the subject's hometown or state. Like I said before, we like this one a lot and it saves us tons of time. I was just looking for a downfall of this site but I was having some trouble coming up with one. They update regularly and seem to have everywhere covered.

Results we have received:
  • arrest records
  • police records
  • felonies
  • misdemeanors
  • sex offenses
  • convictions
  • incarcerations
  • criminal driving violations
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1 Year Unlimited Searches - $39.95
Results for 1 Search - $14.95

Court records can be some on the most challenging records to obtain. It is not that they are not available to the public, its that they are often hidden among thousands of other records. In the past the only way to get court records was to visit the actual court they were located at and request copies. With everything online now the process has become much easier. provides a central search location to search all courts. This is priceless because the process of figuring out which court to search has been eliminated. The one downfall of this site is that some older records are not available. Also, some lower technology court districts still require an in person visit.
One Year Unlimited Searchs $39.95
Single Subject Search Report $29.95

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Inteligator - A Background Check Database

For background checks we sometimes use databases only available to the licensed private investigative community. Since background checks are very important business as we could be checking into a nanny, an employee a neighbor we check many different sources. Inteligator is the best publicly available database we use. It sometimes gives us results that we did not get on the other databases. Due to the massive amount of information it has it provides leads that could be further looked into. the one thing I do not like about it is it simiplifies the reports a bit too much for my liking. This may be just a personal preference.
Unlimited Searches 4 Day Trial $4.95
Unlimited Searches $29.95 per Month

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Reverse Mobile has proven to be the phone search we usually start with. We seem to get the best hit percentage rate with their database. The one downfall is that Verizon numbers often do not get ownership results. Its really hit or miss because Verizon keeps their information very guarded. Otherwise the interface is super user friendly and it works great for cell numbers, land lines and unlisted numbers. We have maintained our subscription for about a year now.
One Year Unlimited Look-ups $39.99
Full Report On One Number $14.95

Check for basic results before signing up